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Can IAB clear shipments in LA (or any other port)?
Yes. IAB is a full RLF participant, enabling us to file entries in any port that has RLF capabilities.

What does IAB charge?
Our charges vary from situation to situation as we try to match our fees to the service needs of the particular customer. We are very competitive and are confident you will find our fees to be very fair.

What freight company or Mexican Broker does IAB use?
Although we have a close relationship with certain freight carriers and Mexican brokers, we do not work with them exclusively. We have worked successfully with all of the freight carriers and Mexican Brokers in Otay Mesa and allow our clients to choose the partners they would like to work with.

Does IAB file e-manifest?

Does IAB have a bonded warehouse?
Yes. A large section of our warehouse reserved for bonded merchandise.

What is IAB’s SVI number for C-TPAT?

Can IAB assist with our NAFTA verification?
Yes. We have assisted with many NAFTA verifications over the years.

Can IAB classify our products?
Yes, we can. We require pictures and technical data to provide the accurate classification.

C-TPAT Certified SVI# intBro01383