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Brokerage & Forwarding

IAB is a medium-size brokerage with a strong customer base in Otay Mesa and Los Angeles.

We offer a full array of customs brokerage services to ensure that your cross-border transactions are in complete compliance with the latest customs regulations. Our expertise and uncompromised record of service has earned IAB an exemplary reputation with government agencies. Our focus on hands-on customer service has earned our customers’ trust. And our close relationships with major freight carriers and freight forwarders enable us to help our customers meet delivery deadlines and manage costs.

We are fully automated and respond quickly and reliably to your international trade concerns.  Our brokerage services include:

  • Full-service Customs Clearance – ACE/ABI (Automated Commercial Environment/Automated Broker Interface)
  • C-TPAT Certified since 2003
  • US Customs Coordination
  • Textile Specialists (TPL/Quota/Special Programs)
  • Liquor Specialists
  • In-Bond
  • Reconciliation
  • Drawback
  • RLF-Remote Location Filing allows us to file at all US Ports with RLF capabilities
  • Ocean and Air Freight Coordination
  • Export – AES (Automated Export Systems)
  • CH (Automated Clearing House)

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C-TPAT Certified SVI# intBro01383