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Customs Compliance

The inherent complexity and continually evolving nature of U.S. Customs regulations makes compliance a challenge for even seasoned importers and exporters. That’s why our customers rely on IAB to help them successfully navigate customs requirements and minimize their risk of non-compliance. Our team of customs professionals includes three licensed Customs Brokers, a Certified Customs Specialist and an attorney. Each is dedicated to staying abreast of changing regulations to ensure complete compliance and add value to our customers’ businesses.

We offer a complete range of customs compliance services, including:

  • NAFTA Consultation/Training
  • Classification and Rate of Duty Consultation
  • Appraisement Method Consultation
  • Free Trade Program Consultation
  • Reconciliation Reports and Consultation
  • Customs Requests for Information
  • Protests
  • Ruling Requests to Headquarters
  • Customizable Reports

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